Write the Book Podcast: Interview with Shelagh Shapiro

Write the Book radio show airs weekly on WBTV-LP in Burlington, Vermont. Shelagh offers in-depth, hour-long interviews with authors, poets, illustrators, agents, and editors about writing, publishing, finding inspiration, developing one’s craft, and finding community. Her show always ends with a new writing prompt, usually one recommended by that week’s guest. The easy rapport that Shelagh establishes with her guests—who include everyone from top selling and award winning authors to authors publishing with indies or self-publishing—results in a wonderful conversational flow that is fun to listen to and always informative. The archives include over 400 interviews with authors including Ann Patchett, Kate Atkinson, Colum McCann, Richard Russo, Steve Almond and Jennifer Egan.

This week’s Write the Book Prompt is to write about a transition from one era to another in your own life, as Madeleine May Kunin has written about her journey to the eighties. Are you a new teenager? A new parent? Have you recently gone through menopause? Have you retired? We are all forever going through transitions, but how often do we write about these changes in our lives, minds, bodies?

Listen to the Madeleine Kunin interview in full at this link.